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Our Residents

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Road To Home primarily serves women with children in Danbury, CT and surrounding towns. 

That said, while Fairfield County is our focus, we receive applications from women in need state-wide and do our best to assist whenever possible.


Applicants to Road to Home must, above all, demonstrate the ability and willingness to help themselves and accept professional guidance. 


Furthermore, they must:

  • Be without a permanent home.

  • Be referred by an agency.

  • Demonstrate the ability to live in a communal setting and manage those relationships.

  • Abstain from ALL drug and alcohol consumption.

  • Commit to completing the program customized to meet their needs within the relegated time period, which may include: therapy, support groups, job skill acquisition, life skill acquisition, budgeting, parenting, nutrition, family management and/or transition assistance.

The Timeframe

Road to Home residents commit to transitioning to independent living within a two (2) year time-frame, however many move through the program and successfully transition in a year or less.

Support group


“They are great - just perfect - in all that they have done for me.  I am so happy that I found Amos House ands so grateful that they could protect mea and my children.  And I thank those that have made generous contributions so that we could be given this new chance at life”


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